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zookeepers say the giant panda delivered a second cub saturday evening but sadly it was stillborn. this is a live look at her den right now through the zoo's panda cam. she was sleeping a little while ago but is starting to stir a little bit. she held and groomed the stillborn more than 15 minutes before finally letting go of it. the cub was not fully developed. the cub born on friday still appears to be healthy. zookeepers are going to enter the den again for a closer look at the stillborn. the zoo is going to update all of this later this morning. >> the weekend started out with beautiful weather. a live look outside right now. the big question everyone wants to have, are we going to end the weekend on a high note? we're going to gwen tolbart with
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a note on that. >> let's take a look at our maps. we're going to look at the numbers yesterday. temperatures exactlould be. we're right on the mark for seasonal average highs. 85 degrees at reagan national airport. 83 as dullas and we're starting off with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. 68 degrees at d.c. currently. 67 in annapolis. fredericks town, 59 degrees. 63 at dullas. no shortage of sunshine in my forecast today i'm happy to say. satellite and radar composite showing not a lot going on. a ridge of high pressure is in control. keeping our skies bright. 83 degrees today, sunny and pleasant and low humidity.
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that's always a factor. a great day to get outside and enjoy. we know lots is happening in the city outside. the full forecast, coming up later. back to you. >> thank you, gwen. it was a beautiful weekend for the tens of thousands who came to d.c. to reflect on martin luther king, jr.'s vision for america 50 years ago. saturday's gathering at the national mall rallied many just as it did in 1963. to continue the fight for equality and to make king's dream come true. but some we spoke to say, while great strides have been made, there is still work to be done. >> the crowd that overflowed along the reflecting pool represented every slice of american life. >> i was a little boy in '63 when it happened. i told myself one day i'm going to participate in it, and here i am. >> unlike the 1963 march where nearly every sign said march for jobs and freedom.
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this time around there were many more issues that people were passionate about. >> that there must be equality for our children to come. and that's why we're here today, to stand up. to stand up. there will be no profiling here for our children. >> georgia congressman john lewis, one of the last major speakers from the 1963 rally, still alive today, urged the crowd to fight the supreme court decision that nullified much of the voting rights act of 1965. >> i gave a little blood in sel sel sel selma, alabama for the right to vote. i'm not going to allow the supreme court to take the right to vote away from us. >> keynote speaker al sharpton said there's much more to do in the area of jobs and equality and giving a hand to those who need it. >> they have the money for the 1%. but when it comes to head start, when it comes to municipal
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working. when it comes to our teachers, they stop the check. we're going to make you make the check good or we're going to close down the banks. >> as the day wore on, one message seemed to resonate with many who came to washington 50 years later. they need to keep on marching. >> retired history teacher and nea member who was here 50 years ago and again today put it in perspective. >> it's a march that has energized people to take an interest to the government and what it can do for people in this country and maybe this one will have the same effect. >> a message john lewis delivered with the same heat today as he did in 1963. >> i got arrested 40 times during the '60's. beaten and left bloody and unconscious. i'm not tired. i'm not weary. i'm not prepared to sit down and
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give up. i'm ready to fight and continue to fight and you must fight. thank you very much. >> and that was audrey barnes reporting. the next big event celebrating the march is this wednesday which is the actual day of the march. president obama is going to deliver a speech from the memorial. >> aaa mid-atlantic is warning marchers to be aware of their surrounding. don't fall asleep on the metro. carry electronic devices in your front pocket. avoid using electronics on the platform and don't leave valuables in your car. we have more on >> before saturday's march on washington events got started, there was big drama between some
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of the city's top leaders. it happened at a d.c. statehood movement rally. as john henrehan reports, the organizers did not want former mayor barry to speak at the event. our cameras captured the controversy. >> 500 people gathered at the d.c. memorial to push for statehood. >> we must no longer see the city that hosts the marches. but whose denial of our rights are ignored by the marches. >> delegate owner may have voted in congressional committee has no votes on the house and no votes in the senate. city residents pay district
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taxes. >> we need to tell our friends and families across this nation and other states about our city's plight. >> organizers of the rally wanted a limited number of speakers. marion barry was not on the speakers list but tried to deliver a speech from the podium. >> statehood now, statehood now. >> organizers ordered the volume turned up on the music and cut off the podium mic. the democratic councilman refused to leave the podium. he stood there several minutes. ultimately the organizers yielded and they turned down the music. >> how disrespectful. i told the organizers turn the damn music off. >> the former civil rights leader exhorted the local crowd
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to get more active in the statehood movement. >> let's do something radical. let's not march washington. let's march on congress. >> shortly after barry's speech, those rallied statehood formed ranks and joined up with the larger crowd. >> also making headlines in our area, a drowning at a hotel swimming pool. it happened at the days inn in frederick yesterday. officials were called to the hotel around 5:30 in the evening where the body of an adult male was found at the bottom of the pool. the sheriff's department is investigating. no word on the victim's identity or the circumstances surrounding the drowning. >> in maryland, prince george's county police are still looking for whoever opened fire at a party, injuring two teenage girls. it happened friday night on brandy wine road.
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police believe a fire broke out inside a volunteer firehouse where the party was when someone fired a handgun. the teens, ages 14 and 15, are expected to be okay. >> police need your help finding a missing woman in the district. 70-year-old yvonne little was last seen friday night. she is 5-2, wearing a blue shirt and shorts and purple shoes. if you know anything about her whereabouts, call d.c. police. >> meanwhile, more mystery in virginia after another dolphin has been found in a creek near downtown portsmouth. the virginia pilot says the sick animal had to be euthanized. this year, 170 dead dolphins have been found. what's causing the spike in ? >> a united nations team is on the ground right now in syria
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looking for answers on whether the government used chemical weapons. >> and new research showing how some video games can actually be good for your brain. fox5 morning news sunday will be right back. 
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>> now breaking news regarding the troubling situation in syria. the white house just announcing there is, quote, very little doubt chemical weapons were used by the regime against civilians. now the possibility of u.s. military action is looking more like a reality. the navy is pre-positioning some of its warships in preparation
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for the president's decision. here's the latest. >> the navy has sent a fourth warship, armed with ballistic missiles into the eastern mediterranean sea. the white house says president obama wants to hear from a united nations team on the ground in syria that chemical weapons were used earlier this week before the president makes a decision about how the u.s. will respond. in the meantime, the president asked the pentagon to come up with a strategic plan in case the u.s. decides to go forward with military action in syria, possibly airstrikes or missile attacks. chuck hagel traveling in asia told reporters the defense department has the responsibility to provide the president with options for all contingencies, which requires positioning our forces and assets to carry out different options, whatever option the president might choose. syria said the allegations it used chemical weapons on its own people as this video purports to
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show are, quote, absolutely baseless. a u.s. ambassador says president obama has to decide what his obje objectives are with syria, its stockpile of chemical weapons. >> the president said almost a year ago the use of chemical weapons crosses a red line. when the president of the united states makes a statement like that, he needs to be prepared to do something pretty dramatic if the red line is crossed, otherwise his credibility is gravely damaged which is where we are right now. >> the united nations disarmament chief arrived in syria today to press the syrian government to allow the investigative team to go to the site of the reported chemical attacks. >> and back here in the states, wildfires at yosemite national park continue to burn destroying four homes and threatening 55 others. it's grown to 200 square miles.
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it started a week ago but only 5% of it is contained. high winds expected in the area are making it difficult to control. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> also in california, a memorial service for a mother and son killed by accused abductor james lee dimaggio. he set the home on fire and killed them. he then killed 16-year-old hann hannah anderson, rescued six days after authorities closed in on them in iowa. dimaggio was killed by authorities. >> here's the week ahead's line-up. >> monday, mtv is holding its annual video music award. both justin timberlake and ryan
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lewis lead the field with six nods apiece. bruno mars follows close behind with four nominations. in west texas, students head back to school. there was a massive fertilizer plant explosion there in april. several buildings were left damaged beyond repair. >> on thursday, low wage fast-food and retail workers in eight cities across the country are preparing to strike. they're demanding $15 an hour up from the median wage of $8.94. saturday marks the deadline for president obama to formally propose the new pay raise scale for 2014. he's expected to officially offer a 1% across the pay hike for civilians and keep locality
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pay rates at their current level, an increase mandated by the 1990 pay comparability act is set to kick in if the president fails to propose a new plan to congress. >> if you love online music streaming. pandora is putting an end to its mobile listening site. it's ending the limit september 1st but to make up for the change, the service will only allow 12 songs gift every 24 hours compared to the current 6 gifts per channel. it's away to cut channels and attract more listeners. >> old values and new medicine are colliding in a difficult ohio case. an amish family and a hospital, fighting over cancer treatment for a 10-year-old girl and they don't have a lot of time to figure it out. >> and mysterious dolphin deaths. what's causing a record number to wash ashore this summer. we'll have a closer look when
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the news continues. 
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>> strategy-based games are good for the brain and help to development cognitive abilities. >> a medical controversy is brewing in ohio. a young amish girl is diagnosed with leukemia. but her parents stopped doctors from giving her any more chemotherapy treatment. here's the story. >> >> uncomplicated in their lifestyle and uncompromising in their values is the amish way of life. but a simple trip to the doctor is a complicated case in ohio. >> we have a 10-year-old young lady with leukemia. >> the amish family brought the child here in april with tumors in her neck, chest and kidneys. doctors started the chemotherapy but the family stopped after the
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first course. the parents expressed concerns about long-term effects like infertility and damage to her other organs. they called the chemo, horrible and terrible, saying the child begged her parents to stop. so after praying, and consulting family members, church elders and friends, they stopped treatment and turned to holistic medicine. >> we find ourselves in a situation where we feel legally and morally obligated to do what we think is in her best interest. >> with treatment, doctors say the child has an 85% chance of survival. without it, statistically, the odds are against her. >> it's uniformly fatal. >> the hospital contacted family services but they refused to file neglect charges. in july, a registered nurse in the hospital filed paperwork to deal with the chemotherapy. >> and it was denied. >> and it was denied. >> the judge found there was no evidence the parents were unfit.
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but the hospital's not giving up. it has filed an appeal. we reached out to the parents' attorney but a response was not immediately available. the doctor says he respects the courts and the family's good intentions but time is running out. the legal battle is already taking two months and the girl's life expectancy without chemotherapy is only six months to a year. >> i feel obligated to offer what we can for this family to move forward and hopefully what will be an appropriate therapy for this little girl. >> well, there's plenty more just ahead. we'll be back with a look at today's weather and a workweek preview. but first. >> keep dreaming on the war on equality. keep dreaming. >> we want to remind you of our continuing coverage of the march on washington anniversary
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celebrations. keep up to date on our website at and our facebook page. another reminder, we want to hear your stories about the march. e-mail them to my march d.c. at you can also tweet us at my fox d.c., using the hashtag my march d.c.
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the blisters were oozing, and painful to touch. i woke up to a blistering on my shoulder. i spent 23 years as a deputy united states marshal and i've been pretty well banged up but the worst pain i've experienced was when i had shingles. when i went to the clinic, the nurse told me that it was a result of having had chickenpox. i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
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>> nasa scientists are turning to the sea for the latest round of research. they're keeping a close eye on the increasing rate of sea ice melt which is a sign of climate change. 30 years ago, the sea covered a million more miles in the arctic ocean than it does now. the impact is widespread. >> the scary things is our study of the greenland ice sheet, from satellites that shoot lasers to

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